What our students say

Abdulaziz M E Z Alzamel
Hello, I am Abdulaziz M E Z Alzamel from Kuwait.


TCL Global helped me in everything! Even in IELTS. I took an IELTS workshop with them and I pass the test that most of people suffering with and I’m a student in UK right now.


Salem M Akhaldi
Hello everyone, i'm Awwad Salem M Akhaldi from Saudi Arabia.

I am currently studying at the University of Portsmouth in the UK. Actually, i'm studying Mechanical Engineering.

TCL Global has helped me every step of the way in the process of joining the University - including the application process, guidance, consultancy and travel assistance.

TCL Global are very professional, providing outstanding service to their students. Their counsellors are tremendous in cooperating with students. Join TCL Global, who give you the best service, and will help you fulfil your dreams.

Thank you, and good luck to TCL Global.

Farai Shoko
Hi, my name is Farai Shoko and I'm from Zimbabwe.

I'm a second year student, studying Business Systems Management, at the University of Portsmouth.

I'm very delighted for the first time, I've managed to come to the TCL Global office.

It's been a pleasure meeting the staff here, very lovely staff, the people that helped me get here.

I wanted to study in the UK, I had a lot of concerns, I was confused about a lot of things. A friend of mine managed to signpost me to TCL Global. Since then, my life just got easier, and easier, and easier. They managed to help me through the options that were available for me.

Portsmouth became a very natural choice after making a few considerations, including my career path.

I would give special thanks to Mohammad. He helped me through,he held my hand through the journey. I would highly recommend TCL Global.

Firstly, they are on the ball, I sent an enquiry to them, it was replied, within the moment. Even when I did my Visa Applications, they did most of the job for me, most of it, I didn't have to do because I had the right the path through TCL.

I spoke to a member of the team, because initially I thought I was going to have to pay for it. To my surprise, all of it was a free service, including when I paid my tuition. Initially, I actually got a discount.